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Coachella Christmas Parade Kicks Off


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Coachella Christmas Parade Kicks Off

By Matt Vanderveer. CREATED Dec 13, 2013

COACHELLA - It's a long standing tradition in Coachella-- the annual Christmas parade and people say it’s a perfect place to spend your Friday night. "This is a really cool family event because we're out here all supporting each other and this is all the communities coming together ,” says Thermal resident Yvette Mauldin.

"We're out here representing and showing our support for the community as well as allowing the kids to get involved,” says Principal of Westlake Elementary Bernadette Hernandez.

For some, being in the parade was all about pride. "My girls are in the cheer and we're here to represent Westside Elementary,” says Mauldin.

Others say they get more enjoyment from watching the joy on people’s face. "It's exciting to see the students come out here this evening and also seeing the parents volunteer their time,” says Hernandez.

The parade was held on the streets on downtown Coachella. The theme for the 35th parade was “Jingle Bell Christmas Rock”. There were more than 100 entries that included floats, marching bands and local politicians. "I've always been on the sidelines watching but this year I’m in it and seeing my girls in it,” says Mauldin.

The Coachella Christmas parade is one of the most popular here in the valley. "We love being a family and seeing all the decorations and celebrating Jesus’ birthday,” says Mauldin.

A place where people are making memories with friends and family-- they hope to capture forever. "The warmth of the individuals and the families that get together is just great,” says Hernandez.