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Bonnie Garcia's Statement in Pinyon Pines Triple Murder Investigation

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Bonnie Garcia's Statement in Pinyon Pines Triple Murder Investigation

By David Reese. CREATED Feb 12, 2014

PALM DESERT - Former Assemblywoman and Candidate for State Senate Bonnie Garcia issued a statement this afternoon regarding the Pinyon Pines triple murder investigation.  This is her statement in its entirety:

February 12, 2014

I can no longer remain silent while damaging and false accusations are made about my family's involvement in a heinous capitol murder case. I don't know who committed the crime but I do know who did not.

Becki was an amazing young woman that frequented our home and was part of a close-knit group of friends that shared a common bond - being "kids of cops". Many times she was an overnight guest where her mother knew she was safe. To suggest anything different is just plain wrong.

Her murder as well the loss of her mother and stepfather were a shock to all that knew and loved her and an enormous loss for our community. The recent allegations by a person who is not part of the official investigation have turned this tragedy into a trial by media and brought false hope and additional grief to a family seeking answers.

As a mother, I can't imagine the pain they are feeling and that's why our family has been more than willing to help in any way to find the person(s) responsible. We are however respectful of the investigative process and trust they are doing everything possible to resolve this case. Contrary to false statements made by others, over the last seven years, law enforcement officials have never contacted me nor have I inserted myself into this investigation. In addition, no search warrants have ever been executed at my home or that of my family members.

To suggest that we have the power to stop or block a capitol murder case is ludicrous. As painful as it has been to read about my family in the headlines, my prayers are with this family who are understandably grieving.

Bonnie Garcia
Former Assemblywoman and Candidate for State Senate

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