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Black Friday Shoppers Already Camping Out in Beaumont


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Black Friday Shoppers Already Camping Out in Beaumont

By Matt Vanderveer. CREATED Nov 21, 2013

BEAUMONT - Black Friday is the day many people take advantage of huge savings. It's still roughly nine days away but that isn't stopping some families from setting up camp at the Best Buy in Beaumont-- many of the families struggling financially and saying the earlier they arrive, the more they save. "It’s more than 50% off so it's a good deal. It's worth staying out here,” says one camper.

"When we need something and we can't afford it, we come out here on Black Friday because they got the good deals,” says Cabazon resident Victoria Torres.

For some, setting up camp more than a week early to get those Black Friday deals means Christmas presents for the family. "It's way cheaper,” says Lupe Ruiz who is also camping outside Best Buy.

"You know, everybody wants nice things and if you can't afford it, as long as you can have at least one thing, something nice you can call your own--it's really great, plus you save the money,” says Yucaipa resident Christina Elias.

Perhaps the veteran of the ten plus group outside Best Buy is Torres. It's her fifth year camping outside of the store during Black Friday. She says it's an event she looks forward to every year. "It gets a little cold but it's worth it,” says Torres.

Torres was first in line and has been patiently waiting since the 14th. By the time Black Friday rolls around, she will have camped outside for more than 15 days. "My friends-- like today, I went and took a shower and they'll bring their car back if I need to sleep in it. It’s fun. I feel safe,” says Torres.

Others, with newborns in tow, say they're better off taking shifts. "We're three families and we're all taking turns-- some of us come here in the morning, and then the afternoon and then my mom takes the night shift,” says another camper.

No doubt, Black Friday is a day of major savings but for many, it's also a day to bond with their community. "We keep in contact and we stay in touch with each other, so, you know, we become a family,” says one camper.

“We all got each other's backs,” adds Torres.

The Best Buy in Beaumont will open a day early for their customers-- on Thanksgiving Day at 6 p.m.