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HEALTH ALERT: Stomach Virus Hits the Valley


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HEALTH ALERT: Stomach Virus Hits the Valley

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Nov 14, 2013

 It's that time of year -- cold and flu season -- and right now in the desert another bug is already making the rounds.

Doctors are reporting an uptick in stomach flu, and if you've had it you know how miserable it is.
Doctors at Desert Regional Medical Center told us they are seeing more cases of a stomach virus in the community and at their clinics.
No one likes to get sick, but a stomach flu can be more miserable that a cold.
"Can you tell me what your tummy feels like?"
"Rumbly," is how 3-year-old Teagan Kahle described it.
There's many ways to describe how your tummy feels when you're sick: all of them unpleasant.
"I've noticed a lot of kids are getting sick, and it seems they are getting sicker sooner this year, starting right off the bat when kids started going back," said Teagan's mom, Holly Kahle of Palm Desert.
Liz Strong of Desert Hot Springs says her daughter was sick recently.
"When we took her to the doctor she that morning, she got sick, and she threw up a couple times, it lasted for about a day and a half, two days and it was gone," said Strong.
Dr. Gemma Kim, Residency Program Director at Desert Regional Medical Center, says she is seeing people suffering from a stomach virus.
"Luckily, its only lasting one to two days, but it really does keep you at home for those two days," said Dr. Kim.
The virus will keep you at home with symptoms that will take you to the porcelain throne.
"Nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea, headache, cramps, maybe a low grade fever, just overall not feeling well," said Dr. Kim.
So what's the number one way to keep yourself and others from getting sick?
Doctors say its quite simple, just wash your hands thoroughly and often.
"Do a lot of hand washing, hand sanitize and I try to give the kids Emergen-C," said Holly.
If you are one of the unfortunates who gets the virus, doctors say to stay hydrated and change your diet.
"Refraining from dairy products, fried foods, vegetables or heavy fiber type foods that can slow down digestion and cause more gas and bloating," said Dr. Kim.
Doctors say the most common place for the virus to spread is the family.
"I've never had it, I don't really get sick, I just know for her it was awful," said Liz.
We also spoke with the Riverside County Department of Public Health official who said they haven't heard any reports yet of clusters or outbreaks of this type of stomach virus.