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Desert Spirits: Is KMIR Haunted?


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Desert Spirits: Is KMIR Haunted?

By Wesley Rossenrode. CREATED Nov 1, 2013

PALM DESERT - We're in the business of telling news stories, but perhaps the story you'll hear the most around KMIR is that of a ghost haunting our building. The story that goes along with the ghost is perhaps as old as whatever may be haunting the building.  We investigate "Desert Spirits" inside the KMIR studios.

Many KMIR employees, past and present, say they've felt a presence. A little girl lurking in the hallways of the KMIR building on Park View drive in Palm Desert. They say she appears when it's dark and quiet... late at night and early in the morning.

KMIR's chief engineer Tim Balint says he's seen something he can't explain. "i was always skeptical about ghosts. I'd never really experienced anything that could be a ghost. I'm still not 100% sure that i had seen a ghost event that evening but i saw something that was unusual even to my engineering mind. I saw an object pass by in the hallway." "She was less than 5 feet tall. She had light brown hair that went down to her back. She had sleeves that went down to her shoulders." Balint left his office and entered this hallway.

He says he then saw a little girl walking down the hall and then turn the corner. But when he got to the other side of the hallway she was gone. Nowhere in sight. "There was nothing there. Nobody. I walked to end with chance, but she was nowhere to be seen.  Balint confirmed there were no children in the studios that night.

Former news director George Severson had a similar experience. "I was typing away doing my work. I saw a young woman or a girl with long dark hair with red colored dress come along the back wall and move back towards the front of the building.. moved very swiftly across the room." A few minutes later, Severson says he figured out there wasn't a woman like that anywhere in the building.

In fact, station employees have described seeing shadows and feeling a cold presence in the building for decades... As far back as anyone can remember.

So who is this young girl? Like an urban myth, KMIR employees retell a story passed along over the years. That KMIR is built on the site of an old airport where a plane crash killed a little girl. And she's been lurking in the building ever since.

We decided to investigate the history of the property where KMIR is located. We looked at records from the Palm Desert City Hall, Coroners and Assessor's Office. KMIR staff discovered coordinates of the studios showing it could have been part of the Palm Desert airpark. an airport where the wealthy and famous flew in, dined, and stayed at the resort.

We went to the Palm Desert Historical Society. Brett Roamer, argues KMIR wasn't part of the air-park. "This is 1952, so KMIR will be right in this area. Not there yet."

Aerials show the KMIR building is finally built by 1980. Whether or not kmir is built over the old air park, another fact remains… We've found no records of any air crashes or deaths at all at the Palm Desert air-park park.

Whatever did or didn't happen on this property, we wanted to investigate What's happening in the KMIR building that dozens of employees say they've seen and felt.

We brought in the experts, Synergy Paranormal, based in Moreno Valley. The company says it investigates the paranormal with science. Their team spent a night at KMIR with all their tools. Devices they say can capture the presence of spirits.

Paranormal Investigator: "This is an EMF detector. It detects fluctuations in the electromagnetic field and every time there is a presence of an energy the light will go off. The lights will go to red."

Gloria Rodriguez was there with them and she saw and heard things she says she can't explain.

After a night of investigation, what they found will give you the creeps. (Audio: Do you want to talk with us…no. )

Paranormal Investigator: "Well i do believe you do have an actual presence here and i believe you have more than one." The preliminary results are in.

The paranormal investigators say the KMIR building *is* haunted….and by more than one little girl.