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Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Advice


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Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Advice

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Oct 30, 2013

 Troops of little monsters, princesses and zombies will be prowling our neighborhoods Thursday as they trick-or-treat across the valley.

Everyone wants to keep Halloween safe and fun for the kids, and police have some advice to help make sure it is safe.
Trick-or-treating is a lot of fun for the kids, but for parents it can be stressful -- what houses to go to, making sure they are visible in the dark and staying safe...
Parents are getting ready for the big night.
Indio resident, Adriana Mendez, is sorting through row upon row of Halloween gear to buy outfits for her two young children.
"I think this is a transformer, and I'm taking I don't know maybe a fairy for a little one," said Adriana.
Across the store, Blythe resident, Genesis Estrada, shows off her new Halloween costume.
"I'm dressing up as a vampire girl and I have stick on vampire teeth, and I have a vampire make up kit at my house," said Genesis.
While Halloween is a sweet thrill for kids, for parents it can be a scary experience.
"And I fear that if I just turn around I won't see them here with me, so keep them close," said Adriana.
Police agree parents should be with kids, and travel in groups.
They say any neighborhood can be safe, but they advise parents to check the Megan's Law website to look for registered sex offenders before they go knocking.
By law, sex offenders must have their lights off and have no decorations
"If you see somebody who has that or you know of a known sex offender who has lights on or has any even the smallest remote decoration out there, make sure to notify law enforcement," said Deputy Julio Oseguera with Riverside County Sheriff's Department.
Police will have extra eyes out for Halloween, and believe it or not they have to remind us stealing candy is a big no.
"Keep in mind that's still a crime, still a criminal offense, theft. And a lot of times it could even escalate to a robbery if there's force or fear," said Deputy Oseguera.
If you're out on the roads they remind drivers to be watching for trick-or-treaters.
Genesis says she knows the tricks, "Be careful, watch out for strangers, don't talk to anybody that you're not supposed to, talk to the people you know."
Adriana will be keeping a close eye on her little ones, "Don't leave them out of sight, always, be sure they're always with friends or family."
Another reminder: make sure kids have flashlights and reflective gear as they're out walking on streets.
Riverside County Sheriff's reminds parents to comb through their kids' candy and toss anything that isn't wrapped.