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Free Medical, Dental, Vision Care

Free Medical, Dental, Vision Care

By Manny Dela Rosa. CREATED Mar 27, 2013

Free medical, dental and vision care will be offered at a massive health clinic to be held by RAM CA for Coachella Valley Residents April 4-7, 2013 at the Riverside County Farigrounds in Indio, CA.

Healthcare professionals from California are expected to provide care for an anticipated 800 people per day if the event is fully staffed.  

Due to the increased need for access to care, numerous healthcare professionals including Oral Surgeons, Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental X-RAY Techs, Ophthalmologists, Optometrist, Opticians, Ophthalmic Techs, Doctors, Nurses, LVN’s/LPN’s, EMT’s, Acupuncturists and Chiropractors, are needed to make this event a success.  Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to register at
“We need this clinic to operate at full capacity so we won’t have to turn people away who need help,” states Pamela Congdon, RAM California President and Volunteer Coordinator.  “Healthcare providers who volunteer at RAM CA events make a huge difference in peoples’ lives and the care they give is often life-changing.” California organizers are also recruiting general volunteers for the event.  
Wherever RAM clinics have been held, the need for its services has been evidenced by the large and often overwhelming crowds of people who attend.  RAM clinics typically serve the uninsured, underinsured and impoverished. However, according to RAM founder Stan Brock, recent clinics have seen an increase in the newly jobless, the working poor and insured families who are unable to pay high insurance co-pays and deductibles.  
The Healthcare clinics will have at least 50 dental chairs, 10-15 medical exam rooms and 20 eye exam stations.  Mobile vision labs will produce free prescription eyeglasses on site.  Dentistry will include cleanings, fillings and extractions. Medical doctors will provide services ranging from consultation and diagnosis to minor medical procedures.  Nurses will staff triage areas and provide medical assistance.
Clinic patients will be seen on a first-come-first serve basis, with no income test or eligibility requirement of any kind to receive treatment.  The Clinic will open at 5:30am each day.  Line-up begins at 3:00am each day.  
Riverside County Fairgrounds
Patient entrance – Gate 6 off Dr. Carreon Blvd
82-503 Hwy 11  •  Indio, CA 92201  •  (760) 863-8247
For a map, click here
RAM California was incorporated on September 19, 2011 as an affiliate of the Remote Area Medical Foundation.  RAM CA is holding the Coachella Valley Expedition at the invitation of the Coachella Valley Community Trust and is supported by the California Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (CALAOMS), The Flying Doctors and Goldenvoice.