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Tim Bradley Prepares for Fight of His Life


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Tim Bradley Prepares for Fight of His Life

By Jessica Flores. CREATED May 24, 2012

INDIO- Local boxer Tim Bradley threw punches in front of a crowd, during his public workout as he prepares to go up against Welterweight World Champion Manny Pacquiao.

"You know we are going to make history right here in my home town," said Badley.

Pacquiao defends his title on June 9th in Las Vegas.

"Bradley can match Pacquiao for speed, Pacquiao can probably hit harder than Bradely, but Bradley has youth on his side, so I think it's a very good even fight. I think the fans are going to love it," said boxing promoter Bob Arum.

Coachella Valley kids came to watch the undefeated boxer sparring while media outlets from across the globe snapped pictures of him.

"Seeing what he's doing and this great experience. I want to be like him," said Arin Nieto, Indio.

"We want to walk out of Las Vegas and people remember an upset like Buster Douglas did on Mike Tyson. We haven't seen an upset like that in years, and I think this is the time," said trainer Joel Diaz.

Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.