World's angriest cat Colonel Meow has passed away -
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World's angriest cat Colonel Meow has passed away

World's angriest cat Colonel Meow has passed away

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 31, 2014

Sad news for all you cat lovers out there, Colonel Meow has died.

Colonel Meow was one of the world's most famous felines. According to a Facebook post on Thursday, he has passed away, although his owners have not released any details. On Facebook, they asked for a few days to grieve and thanked everyone for their understanding.

Colonel Meow was a Persian-Himalayan mix who was so named because of his authoritarian demeanor.

The cat, who holds the Guinness World Record for cat with longest hair, was only two years old when he passed away.

Followers of Colonel Meow were called his "minions" on Facebook.

According to the Daily Mail, Colonel Meow fell ill in November and required expensive treatment. Fans donated $20,000 for his care.

He became an Internet star last year after his owners began posting photos of him online.

Colonel Meow was also known as the world's angriest cat.

Buzzfeed put together this memorial page.

Watch more videos of Colonel Meow on his YouTube channel.


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