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Wild buzzsaw slices woman's thigh on New York sidewalk

Wild buzzsaw slices woman's thigh on New York sidewalk

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED May 28, 2014

This recent accident may make you think twice about ever walking past a construction site again.

An unidentified woman was hit in the thigh by a 3-foot blade when it broke off a construction worker's machine and uncontrollably cycled into the air. The buzzsaw struck the woman at 48th Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan.

"I just turned, kinda ducked, put my head down," eyewitness Matthew Bisi tells NBC 4. "Thing came flying right by my head, missed me by that much. You could hear it coming and it went right by me."

Bisi also shared that the construction workers did, surprisingly, have a chance to warn pedestrians before one was ultimately hit. "Suddenly everyone started yelling 'Get down! Move!'" Bissi shared with NBC 4. "It was just like crazy chaos. People screaming, all the construction workers." 

The buzzsaw reportedly nicked a tree before slicing into the woman's thigh and knocking her down onto the sidewalk. It traveled an estimated 100 feet before impact.

"It was huge. It looked like it was from a horror flick. I couldn't believe it," recalls Sean Kuilan, another eyewitness, to NBC 4.

The condition of the injured woman remains unknown at this time.

Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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