WATCH: 3-year-old wants a cupcake for dinner -

WATCH: 3-year-old wants a cupcake for dinner


WATCH: 3-year-old wants a cupcake for dinner

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 11, 2014

Mateo wanted a cupcake for dinner.

An old soul for a three-year-old, Mateo attempted to sweet talk his grandmother before officially pleading his case to his mother, Linda Beltran. "Linda, listen, listen, listen...," says pint-sized Mateo. "I said no cupcakes -- and you tried to ask grandma," interrupts his mother.

The video has now gone viral, however, Beltran took to her work blog last week to speak about it beforehand. 

While visiting a theme park this past summer, Beltran and her family found a lost boy who did not know his parents' real names. "We realized we’d never really told our boys what our names were–they only knew us as Mommy and Daddy," wrote Beltran on UberConference. "We didn’t want them to ever be in the same situation and not know our names, so we taught them -- this made Mateo feel a little empowered." Mateo thus uses "Linda" when he has something important to say.

Beltran assures viewers that Mateo is not "disrespectful." "The boys know when mom is serious and when they can engage in some healthy debate. In an effort to raise my kids with a voice, I pick my battles and sometimes let them feel like they’ve won," shares Beltran on UberConference. "Or at least give them the chance to try."

The hilarious cupcake conversation clip lasts two minute and 35 seconds, but, the real heart of this video is at the 1:43 mark. "Linda, honey, honey, lookit, look at this," says charmer Mateo. 

Watch for yourself above and treat yourself to a cupcake for lunch.

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