Tattoo artist who inked dog now without a job -

Tattoo artist who inked dog now without a job

This is a photo reportedly posted to instagram by tattoo artist Alexander Avgerakis, aka Mistah Metro, showing the tattoo he gave his dog. Image by INSTAGRAM

Tattoo artist who inked dog now without a job

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 7, 2014

The New York tattoo artist who inked his dog and set the Internet on fire after bragging about what he had done is now without a job.

He wasn't fired though. According to the New York Post, Alexander Avgerakis quit his job at the Red Legged Devil tattoo parlor to avoid backlash from furious animal advocates.

His former boss doesn't seem to unhappy about Avgerakis' departure. He says the tattoo shop has been besieged by angry callers. Some even made death threats.

Although shop owner Chris Torres says he can't have the tattoo artist working in the shop any more, he is still defending him. He says Avgerakis is not mean or an animal abuser -- just impulsive.

Avgerakis, also known as "Mistah Metro," inked his dog after she had surgery. He then posted a photo to Instagram which said "One of the reasons my dog is cooler than yours!"

Animal lovers began frothing at the mouth almost immediately.

The dog's tattoo features a heart impaled with an arrow and the words "Alex" and "Mel," which is short for Melanie, the name of the tattoo artist's wife.



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