More restaurants pulled into China meat scandal, arrests made -

More restaurants pulled into China meat scandal, arrests made



More restaurants pulled into China meat scandal, arrests made

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 23, 2014

Three more fast-food giants have been affected by the Chinese meat scandal, and five people have been detained at a meat-processing factory in Shanghai.

The scandal began when Dragon TV in Shanghai reported on Sunday that Husi Food repackaged old beef and chicken and put new expiration dates on the packages. It said that the meat was then sold to McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut locations in China.

Five people were arrested in Shanghai on Wednesday in relation to the scandal. The five individuals included the head of Husi and its quality manager, according to Reuters.

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Burger King, Starbucks and Papa John's announced on Tuesday that they will no longer use any meat from the suspect supplier. McDonald's also confirmed that some of its Chicken McNuggets that were sold in Japan were made from the bad meat.

Chinese authorities have expanded their investigation into Husi Food. The company's food-processing plant in Shanghai was sealed by the China Food and Drug Administration on Monday and inspectors are looking at its facilities and meat sources in five provinces in central, eastern and southern China.

Starbucks was pulled into the meat scandal after it revealed that its Chicken Apple Panini sold in its Chinese restaurants was made with chicken from Husi. A spokesperson from the company says the product was immediately pulled from restaurant shelves, according to USA Today.

In Japan, McDonald's stopped selling McNuggets at more than 1,300 locations.

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KFC is China's biggest restaurant chain with more than 4,000 current locations and 700 new locations in the works. The company was badly hurt at the end of last year when it was reported that some poultry suppliers violated rules on drug use in chickens.

Yum Brands, which owns KFC and Pizza Hut, announced after the arrests on Wednesday that it has severed all ties with OSI China, which owns Husi Food.

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