Dog saves man, crowdfunding saves dog -

Dog saves man, crowdfunding saves dog


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Dog saves man, crowdfunding saves dog

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

A heroic act by a seeing-eye dog may be just the thing that helps keep the dog and his owner together.

After his blind owner became dizzy and fell onto New York City subway tracks Tuesday, the dog named Orlando jumped onto the tracks after him and tried to get the owner to move as a train approached. Even before 61-year-old Cecil Williams fell, the alert dog reportedly sensed something was wrong and tried to prevent him from toppling onto the tracks.
Miraculously, both dog and owner survived with only minor injuries. Witnesses say the dog wouldn't leave Williams, even with a train approaching. Both man and dog avoided death when the train passed over them.
But now Williams faces another problem. As Mashable reports, "At nearly 11 years old, Orlando is approaching the retirement age for seeing eye dogs, and Williams said he will have to put the dog up for adoption since his health insurance will no longer cover the cost. Williams said he would 'definitely keep' Orlando if he had the money."
Fortunately, Mashable reports, "A new online crowdfunding campaign is seeking $50,000 to prevent a bittersweet ending to a miraculous story." The Indiegogo fund had already collected more than $55,000 in just the first two days.
In a Wednesday press conference, Williams said the money would allow him to keep his "best buddy."
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