Is Smart Car tipping the latest pranking trend? -

Is Smart Car tipping the latest pranking trend?


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Is Smart Car tipping the latest pranking trend?

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 8, 2014

You've heard of cow tipping, but how about car tipping?

That may be the latest pranking trend in the San Francisco Bay area. Four Smart Cars were found on April 7 after being flipped and balanced on their headlights and/or bumpers in alleged acts of vandalism in the city. Auto body damage and smashed windows were also reported on the cars, which only weigh about 1,800 pounds.

"Police received a call about 1 a.m. that about six to eight hooded suspects were roaming the area near Bowdoin and Sweeny Streets in the city’s Portola District around the same time that a silver Smart Car—the compact eco-friendly vehicles—was found turned on it’s backend on the corner," reports CBS SF Bay Area.

Eyewitness Brandon Michael tells CBS SF Bay Area, “I thought it looked like they were up to no good and then sure enough they walk up to this Smart Car right here, all huddle around it, and then life it up and set it on it’s hind legs.” 

"Three other similar car tipping incidents were reported in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. One Smart Car was flipped over on its side on Anderson and Ogden Streets," further reports CBS SF Bay Area.  "Another vehicle other was flipped on its roof in the 200 block of Anderson. A third car in that neighborhood was found flipped on its side at Prospect and Coso early Monday morning."

The motive remains unknown at this time as no arrests have been made.


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