Vandals kick off camp Monday -

Vandals kick off camp Monday


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Vandals kick off camp Monday

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Aug 3, 2014

Football season begins in Moscow Monday when the Vandals take the field for the first time this fall at 6 p.m.

All eyes will be on the quarterback competition between Chad Chalich and Matt Linehan. Two capable starters present a champagne problem for Paul Petrino, who went 1-11 in his first season at Idaho. Now that his team has found a home in the Sun Belt, Petrino expects improvement across the board in year two.

"I think they all understand now how we're going to work," said Petrino Sunday. "I think they understand how camp will be ran. I think we've really improved out team speed, and then just the passion, the passion of loving football and wanting to go out there and get better every day."