The Blue gets branded: Bronco Stadium becomes "Albertsons Stadium" -

The Blue gets branded: Bronco Stadium becomes "Albertsons Stadium"


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The Blue gets branded: Bronco Stadium becomes "Albertsons Stadium"

By Paul Gerke. CREATED May 21, 2014

The Blue has been branded. Albertsons LLC has committed $12.5 million over a 15-year contract for the naming rights to Bronco Stadium, which will be henceforth known as "Albertsons Stadium."

Back in January, Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle met with Albertsons executives Rick Navarro and Bob Miller to discuss the naming rights of Bronco Stadium. Four months later, the two parties came to an agreement.

"It's fitting that we're making this announcement in the same year where we're celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Boise State's library, which 20 years ago was remodeled and refurbished, thanks to Albertsons," said Boise State University President, Bob Kustra.

Boise State has shared a bond with Albertsons since the 1930's, when the college and supermarket chain were founded just two years apart.

"A lot of our key people are alumni from Boise State. They sure wanted us to do this. They were pushing hard," said Albertsons CEO Bob Miller. "This is a 15-year deal. We're anxious to let people know we're here to stay... This is our hometown."

Boise State has turned down at least two previous offers to sponsor its football stadium, but this time the Broncos found the perfect partner.

"We have 450 student athletes who are working incredibly hard to represent this institution, this community, and this state in the right way," stated Athletic Director Mark Coyle. "You have no idea how this gift, this partnership helps us to maintain the goal of providing a first-class experience."

"We cant wait for that first game when we look at that stadium and see our name up there and show our support for the community," added Miller.

The name change is subject to approval by the Idaho Board of Education on June 18. Boise State will begin to put up the newly-branded signage around the stadium immediately. It is expected to be finished by the time the Broncos open football season in the fall.