Steelheads carrying momentum into postseason -

Steelheads carrying momentum into postseason


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Steelheads carrying momentum into postseason

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Apr 16, 2014

Philosopher George Santayana is best-remembered for the aphorism: "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."

Here's to hoping the Colorado Eagles don't recall how their 2013 season ended.

Last April, the Idaho Steelheads closed the book on Colorado's campaign in overtime of game six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. As history would have it, the two clubs will meet again in the first round of this year's Kelly Cup playoffs, which begin Friday at CenturyLink Arena.

The Steelheads went 7-2 against the Eagles during the regular season, and won all five meetings in Boise, but according to head coach Brad Ralph- that doesn't matter now.

"It's a new season for these guys. Playoffs. It's a different caliber of hockey," he explained after Wednesday's practice. "It's a different mindset. Anything can happen. It's important that we're ready to make any in-game adjustments and make sure we see the big picture, keep fighting, and show push-back."

After an up-and-down year, the Steelheads are showing some of that "push-back" at the right time. They've won six of their last seven games.

"Our theory was- let's be playing our best hockey the last ten games of the year, moving into playoffs to gain confidence, solidify our systems, and make sure we're playing the right kind of hockey," said Ralph.

"I think you want to, in a sense, walk that same plank," said captain Patrick Cullity. "You don't want to change much, but you can't fool yourself. Teams come a little harder. Everything is on the line. A best-of-seven series is only a small window of opportunity."