Sanford, Yates will try to stay calm in coordinator debuts -

Sanford, Yates will try to stay calm in coordinator debuts


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Sanford, Yates will try to stay calm in coordinator debuts

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Aug 23, 2014

Boise State's opener against Ole Miss will mark the debut of Mike Sanford and Marcel Yates in their new roles as coordinators. Both have plenty of applicable coaching experience, but neither has been a sole coordinator and play caller before. Nerves will be high for both coaches, but each said they'd try to be as calm as possible, and hope that attitude spreads to the sidelines.

"I think you just have to have a little peace the night before a game, knowing you did everything you could do to prepare your team," said Sanford. "Really, ultimately, it's about our players. We do our best job to put the best guys in position to make those plays for us, then we've got trust them on game day."

Yates said the best advice he has received was to relax, and not to panic.

"Have fun, I guess. Try to have fun," he said. "We'll see about the have fun part."

New head coach Bryan Harsin has been there, done that as a coordinator. He recognizes the importance of having two men he can trust up in the press box.

"Ultimately, they compliment you on seeing things that maybe you don't see," said Harsin. "Sometimes, you get (tunnel vision), and you need to have those other guys open your eyes back up and say: 'You're missing this,' and you've got to be okay with that."

"When you're calling plays, you get into a flow. You've got to trust your gut," Harsin explained. "You kind of know, and there will be some calls in there that people will be like 'Eh...' But you're always going to get that. And when you hit it, it's like- 'That's exactly what I was planning on!' If you don't, you have to be okay with accepting that you were questioned on it right there and it didn't work, but not let that affect you on the next play call."