Practice doesn't make perfect for Steelheads -

Practice doesn't make perfect for Steelheads


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Practice doesn't make perfect for Steelheads

By Paul Gerke. CREATED May 4, 2014

Practice makes perfect. Right?

From an early age, we're taught that practice is important when we want to get better at something.

The opposite is true for the Idaho Steelheads right now.

Idaho hasn't had a full-practice since before game five against Colorado, and even that one was voluntary. Since their last practice, the Steelheads have been grinding out overtime games and grueling road trips, including the latest trip- to Anchorage, Alaska. The Steelheads split their first two games of the Kelly Cup Western Conference Semifinals with the Aces.

"The days are all running together," said head coach Brad Ralph. "We're playing on odd days, like a Monday, when we don't normally. So it certainly throws you off, but that's part of playoffs. You have to adapt, and I think we've done a pretty good job up to this point."

Not everyone is adapting as well as Ralph. Forward Gaelan Patterson, who is enjoying a five-game point streak, is keeping track of days as simply as possible.

"Right now, it's kind of 'Game day or not game day,' and that's how we're really judging it," he said with a laugh.

"It's almost better that you're playing more games," postulated Ralph. "You kind of stay in the rhythm of games. It doesn't get too far away from you in terms of the details of the game and what you expect of yourself and as a team."

"It would be nice to kind of lick our wounds and re-energize, and I think the schedule hasn't worked to our advantage in that respect, but we're in a great spot here coming back home," he added.

The Steelheads will host the Aces in the next three games of the series. Josh Robinson has been named the starting goaltender for Monday night.