NFL Draft: Boldewijn, Leno hope to be selected -

NFL Draft: Boldewijn, Leno hope to be selected


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NFL Draft: Boldewijn, Leno hope to be selected

By Paul Gerke. CREATED May 7, 2014

Growing up in the Netherlands, football didn't interest a young Geraldo Boldewijn.

But Capital High School coach Todd Simis saw things in Geraldo that even the best coaches can't coach: Height, weight, and speed. Boldewijn played one year for the Eagles, then four years at Boise State. Now Boldewijn is on the cusp of making football into a career.

"It's like the dream. A dream coming true," says Boldewijn.

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound receiver is one of seven Broncos hoping to be selected in this weekend's NFL Draft. Boldewijn started in all 13 games last season, catching 39 passes for 528 yards and two touchdowns.

According to Geraldo's agent, between 16-to-20 NFL teams have inquired about his client.

"It's still surreal. I just graduated from Boise State, and now I'm trying to make my next move," says Boldewijn. "Sometimes I still sit down and think about it. It's so crazy."

"I don't know if I'll be drafted or not, but I'll prepare myself for the worst, pray for the best, and we'll see what happens," he adds.

This year's draft is deep at the receiver position, and even Boldewijn's agent said it's unlikely that Geraldo will be selected. However, he expects Boldewijn to be signed as an undrafted free agent and thinks his client can make an immediate impact on special teams in the NFL.

Former Boise State offensive tackle Charles Leno Jr. just moved from Boise back home to California, and he's hoping another move is on his horizon.

Leno has met with several NFL teams, most of which had positive things to say about his versatility, suggesting he could play guard or tackle in the pros. Leno's agent told him to be prepared for anything.

"I'm one of those guys that just goes with the flow. I mean, it's not a dream come true anymore, because it's right here. It's reality now," details Leno. "I'm just excited to be in the position I am, to be one of those guys to get my name called or just make it to a camp. A lot of guys after college don't get that opportunity, and I'm one of those guys that might."

Leno's body type seems perfect for an NFL weight training program. His long arms and 6'4'' frame will entice a team looking for a back-up that has starter potential down the road. has him pegged as a fifth or sixth round selection.