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Harsin bringing swagger back to Boise State


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Harsin bringing swagger back to Boise State

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Aug 24, 2014

A lot has changed for the Boise State football team since last year -- from conditioning routines, to social media policies, to the playbook. Perhaps the most significant difference is the attitude of the coaching staff, beginning with head coach Bryan Harsin.

According to senior wide receiver Matt Miller, Harsin commanded attention from the moment he walked into the facility, and has since brought a welcome change to the mentality of the program.

"It's just kind of a new start for us, just because there's a lot of new excitement with Coach Harsin coming in. He's a hometown guy, so I think the community is really building off of that," explained Miller. "Even for an old guy like me, it feels like a new start for everybody."

"Everything he said in that first meeting he has delivered on," Miller continued. "He has brought that excitement back. He has brought that kind of swagger that Boise State used to have. He has really made that a point of emphasis, and I think he has done that so far."