Attack (and embrace) the future: BSU football adopts social media -

Attack (and embrace) the future: BSU football adopts social media


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Attack (and embrace) the future: BSU football adopts social media

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Feb 9, 2014

"Attack the future" has become the motto for the Bryan Harsin era at Boise State. Harsin says it's about a sense of urgency and taking advantage of opportunities, but part of attacking the future, is embracing it- something coach Petersen was reluctant to do. Petersen had his players on social media lock down. Harsin has set them free.

"It's like a new jolt of energy just came into the facility," says running back Jay Ajayi.

For the first time, Boise State football players are allowed to have Twitter accounts. Many joined the social media site the day Petersen left for Washington, and dozens more did so after coach Harsin gave the okay in a team meeting.

"He let us know that if you guys are going to be on Twitter, you've got to be men. I'm giving you this responsibility and it's up to you guys if you're going to abuse it or use it wisely," explained Ajayi.

"He was just making sure that we understand we've got to pause before we press send," he continued. "Just think about what you're about to post, because at the end of the day, it's a screen shot away from being viral news."

"We've embraced it as a team," stated Harsin. "With the understanding of all the negatives that can come along with it. But if it's handled properly, it can be a very positive tool."

"One thing they did make sure (of) is that we follow all our coaches and they follow us, so they know what we're putting out there, and they'll let us know if we post something stupid," laughed Ajayi.

Harsin and his staff aren't just on Twitter to police their players. They're breaking recruiting news with hash-tagged code words and interacting with fans.

"My granddaughters probably know a little bit more about tweeting and all that stuff than I do, but that's the way all the kids communicate now," joked assistant head coach Steve Caldwell. "It's amazing. It's hard to get a young man on the phone, but you direct message him on Twitter and he'll hit you right back. "

"We had one of our first staff meetings, and the question was: 'Who doesn't have a Twitter account?'" said offensive line coach Scott Huff. "I was the only one who raised my hand."

"I had to get it. I had to embrace it, and I'm actually starting to have a little fun with it," he added.

"We have a lot of younger coaches, so I feel like they understand what recruits, and 17-18 year-olds are looking for when they want to come to a college," said Ajayi.

"They're finding ways to make guys look at Boise and say 'Hmm. That's different, I think I like that. I think I'd like to come play for Boise State."