Nike Unveils New Bronco Uniforms -

Nike Unveils New Bronco Uniforms

Nike Unveils New Bronco Uniforms

By Amanda Maynard. CREATED Aug 25, 2011

Nike today unveiled the Broncos' uniforms for their matchup with Georgia to open the season. The team will wear an all white combination topped off with a white helmet.

Players, coaches and fans approve.

"I like them," said Coach Pete. "It'll look a lot different than we've looked before."

"I think they're really clean," added kicker Michael Frisina. "It's really simply but has all the fancy touches."

Boise State will wear the same style uniforms during Mountain West conference home games, but in the grey top, blue shirt combination.

Here's Nike full release on the uniforms:

Years of having to prove themselves in the wild West has catapulted Boise State University into college football’s upper echelon. To celebrate their rise, the Broncos are one of nine top college programs sporting the innovative Nike Pro Combat system of dress this upcoming season.

The new uniforms, which the Broncos will don during their much-anticipated faceoff against SEC powerhouse Georgia on Sept. 3 at the Georgia Dome, pulls from the school’s blue collar work ethic and the Bronco’s unpredictable and headstrong spirit. Nike design took cues from Bronco Stadium’s iconic blue turf to create the awe-inspiring gear. Hues of blue and chrome showcase Boise State’s dominance of the sky and t'll loomountain, while orange accents underscore the team’s explosiveness. An asymmetrical placement of motifs around the uniform adds to the calculated unpredictability of the Broncos squad.

The Boise State Nike Pro Combat system of dress also delivers significant performance benefits. The robust yet light-weight padding combined with a customizable, compact carbon fiber plate in the base layer offers personal impact protection. Improved thermoregulation and Flywire technology in the collar promote breathability and keep the uniform in place, making the Broncos feel faster, lighter, dryer, cooler and more fearsome than ever.