Coaches Demand More of Moore -
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Coaches Demand More of Moore

Coaches Demand More of Moore

By Amanda Maynard. CREATED Aug 12, 2011

Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore has played at the top of his game his entire career at Boise State, but now coaches want more. 

Coach Pete said with all the young receivers on the team this year, it'll be up to Moore's accuracy to keep the passing game afloat. 

"We need those pinpoint passes," said Pete.  " We're not talking about a pass where a guy has to raise his hands up here and someone has to make a little bit of a tough catch.  He has to put the ball on their numbers to make it easier on those guys.  Those are the subtle things that Kellen can do and needs to do to help our passing game."

Moore is also on the verge of making history this season.  He needs just eight wins to become the winningest quarterback in college football history.