Kratom Craze: is it a miracle herb or a designer drug? -

Kratom Craze: is it a miracle herb or a designer drug?


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Kratom Craze: is it a miracle herb or a designer drug?

By KIVI Staff. CREATED Oct 25, 2013

Some call Kratom the new miracle drug. Local retailers are cashing in, touting Kratom as a way to fight fatigue, pain, even an antidote for opiate and heroin addiction. But is this a miracle herb or a designer drug? Tara Martin is On Your Side with an investigation into the "Kratom Craze."

Kratom sales are rising to the tune of a half-million dollars this year alone. 80,000 Kratom capsules are sold right here by 40 stores in the Treasure Valley every month.

Across the United States Kratom success stories just like Julie Christo's continue to flood in; however, not everyone is as enthusiastic about the herb. Several online articles are targeting Kratom as a health risk, warning about severe side effects, addiction and some even comparing the natural herb to synthetic drugs. The DEA has it on their watch list.

So the question remains:  Is Kratom really safe?

Mark Johnston of the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy says, “The FDA’s mechanism to protect public safety is really after the fact. They’ll withdraw a product from the market if they see safety or efficacy issues. So one can assume, because the product is on the market, that is safe and effective…”

There have been no reported fatal overdoses from Kratom. You must be over 18 to purchase it, and you should always consult a doctor before taking any new medication or supplement.

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