Romantic films fall flat on Valentine's Day weekend -
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Romantic films fall flat on Valentine's Day weekend


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Romantic films fall flat on Valentine's Day weekend

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Feb 17, 2014

 None of the 80's remakes could unseat The LEGO Movie from its spot atop the box office chart. It took in another $48.8 million and shot past the $100 million mark. About Last Night did a respectable $27 million for second place, Robocop was third with $21.5 million, Endless Love was fifth with $13.5 million and Winter's Tale was seventh with a chilly $7.8 million.

Robocop - Sony - Rated PG-13
Maybe the original Robocop is a classic 80's movie, and certainly one of the best 80's sci-fi films. The 2014 remake dumbs it down, amps up the special effects, changes the whole corpse in a robot thing, and kind of rips the heart out the whole concept. Joel Kinneman dons the cop suit and does a serviceable job, while the rest of the cast is actually pretty good. Samuel L. Jackson does a spittle spewing impersonation of Bill O'Reilly in this version's attempt at sarcasm. The original was funnier and more over the top. This is a PG-13 version that seems to be holding back. I wish it had gone for it instead. I'm not gonna say I hated it. I didn't. But I didn't love it either. 3 Stars Out of 5

Endless Love - Universal - Rated PG-13
Endless Love sounds like it should be all blissful images of candy hearts, promise rings and rose petals falling from heaven, cupid shooting his arrows into boxes of chocolate causing them to explode into thousands of little charm bracelets and toe rings that say "I Love You." But it's not. That would at least be interesting. This is merely bland. The two leads are pretty….and have pretty bad acting skills. Nothing gets the blood pumping in this film. Oh, it's endless alright. Endlessly bland. 2 1/2 Stars Out of 5

About Last Night - Screen Gems - Rated R
About Last Night doesn't show much skin, but wow, is it crude. Crass, uncomfortable, way too frank sex talk from both the men and the women just turned me off. Add unfunny, unengaging characters, and unappealing sex scenes - one featuring a chicken mask - and I felt like I just sat in a chair full of soda, mud, spittle and scabs. You know, contaminated. 2 Stars Out of 5

Winter's Tale - Warner Brothers - Rated PG-13
Winter's Tale is nice to look at…well, except for Colin Farrell's car wreck of a bad haircut. The film is howlingly bad one moment, boring the next and never anything you can ever make any sense of. But there's Will Smith in his second bad performance in a row playing - the devil! Russell Crow is a demon man thing, whose face splits apart when he's mad. Don't do that Russ! Just throw a phone instead! The script is a jumble of pseudo-spiritual psychobabble. After it was done my brain hurt. 1 Star Out of 5

Yep, this weekend was pretty much romance movie hell.