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Positive Parenting: Halloween can be tastier AND healthier


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Positive Parenting: Halloween can be tastier AND healthier

By Rachel Garceau. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

For most kids out there, Halloween means two things: costumes and candy.  And for parents that means one thing: sugar overload.  Is there a way to enjoy the sweet treats without sending your kids on a sugar high?  Robyn Greene takes a look in this installment of Positive Parenting.

Greene says, "I'll admit, I love having Halloween candy leftovers, because I get to eat them!  But I also know a lot of parents out there want to hand out a healthier option, yet you don't want to be that parent who everyone avoids because you're handing out so here are a few ideas that'll work for everyone.  

"First on the list: Unreal candy bars.  This company makes its own verson of popular candy, but without the artificial food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats.  And let me tell you, these things are good!  So that's my best recommendation.

"Then there's brand new gummy treats, made in the USA, called Surf Sweets.  They are sweetened with natural ingredients like fruits and spices. These may be on my shopping list because I am a sucker for gummies!

"Finally, back to the chocolate.  How about Bug Bites?  They're organic, bite-sized sources from rainforest alliance certified farms.  That means no rainforests were affected to harvest the cocoa." -- Robyn Greene, Positive Parenting

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