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Movie reviews, November 4

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Nov 4, 2013

Ender's Game wasn't the huge blockbuster many expected, but it did pull in $28 million in its first weekend which was good enough to come in number one on the box office chart. Bad Grandpa slipped to second, Last Vegas took in $16.5 million for third place, and Free Birds was fourth with $16.2 million.

1. "Ender's Game," $28 million
2. "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," $20.5 million
3. "Last Vegas," $16.5 million
4. "Free Birds," $16.2 million
5. "Gravity," $13.1 million
6. "Captain Phillips," $8.5 million
7. "12 Years a Slave," $4.6 million
8. "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2," $4.2 million
9. "Carrie," $3.4 million
10. "The Counselor," $2.3 million

Ender's Game - Summit Entertainment - Rated PG-13
In Enders Game, the young cast for the most part is fine, but Asa Butterfield, who plays Ender, mumbles and is hard to understand. I haven't read the book, but he seems miscast. I did enjoy Hailee Steinfeld as well as Viola Davis and Harrison Ford. Some of effects that are supposed to make the actors appear as if they are weightless are fairly cheesy. Ender's Game wasn't boring, but it was a little like watching someone else play a video game. 3 Stars Out of 5

Last Vegas - CBS Films - Rated PG-13
Last Vegas plays like the geriatric Lifetime version of The Hangover. If you are under 50, this isn't for you. That said, there are a few highlights. Mary Steenburgen is a delight. She adds a little spark to this otherwise sleepy film. Kevin Klein overdoes it a bit, but he is at least interesting. Morgan Freeman is wasted. Michael Douglas and Robert DeNiro are asleep for most of the film. The script is dull, syrupy and safe. This whole thing feels like a bunch of over the hill legends needing a payday. Hopefully, this is the LAST Vegas. 2 1/2 Stars Out of 5

Free Birds - Relativity Media - Rated PG
Free Birds does its best to rewrite history and Thanksgiving as envisioned by the vegan / animal rights crowd. Turkeys travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving to get turkey off the menu. The voice cast is unremarkable. The film is downright offensive at times. It turns the pilgrims from thankful, godly people into snarling, evil killers. Myles Standish is especially evil chewing on a match, plotting his supposed evil deeds. The pilgrims made the trip in 1620. The friction match wasn't invented until 1826. Oh, and the movie suggests that cheese pizza might be a better choice for your thanksgiving meal. There is lots of prominent product placement to get your kids to want Chucky Cheese for Thanksgiving. Free Birds is a real turkey. 1 Star Out of 5