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Movie reviews, August 12


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Movie reviews, August 12

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Aug 12, 2013

 While most of this week's new releases underperformed, the overall box office was up 5% from last year. Matt Damon's Elysium came in below expectations but still won the box office with $30.5 million. Second place went to We're the Millers which took in $26.6 million for second place. Disney's Planes was third with $22.5 million and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was fourth with $14.6 million.

1. "Elysium," $30.5 million
2. "We're the Millers," $26.6 million
3. "Planes," $22.5 million
4. "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," $14.6 million
5. "2 Guns," $11.1 million
6. "Smurfs 2," $9.5 million
7. "The Wolverine," $8 million
8. "The Conjuring," $6.7 million
9. "Despicable Me 2," $5.7 million
10. "Grown Ups 2," $3.7 million

Bob Richards reviews the movies:

We're the Millers - New Line - Rated R
We're the Millers features moments of extreme hilarity. I laughed a lot.
This is the first time I have actually liked Jennifer Aniston in a movie - even when she wasn't stripping! And the film doesn't turn to mush during the last third like so many other recent comedies. It's crude, rude, and very funny. I'm glad they're not my neighbors. 4 Stars Out of 5

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - 20th Century Fox - Rated PG
I liked Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters better than the first film. The effects have been improved; the story is more compelling and is even inspirational. The kids, who portray the spawn of Greek Gods, are better, and seem more comfortable in their roles. It's still a Harry Potter wannabe, but is improving. 3 1/2 Stars Out of 5

Elysium - Tristar Pictures - Rated R
Even though there is ton's of action, and Matt Damon delivers a pretty good performance, Elysium is not without problems. Jodie Foster turns in a stiff, silly performance where she sports a bizarre accent and an overwrought cartoon-worthy attitude. It's easily her worst ever. The plot which has heavy political overtones and has been accused of being socialist propaganda, is silly at times, but contains enough action to keep you distracted. The look is very cool, but the film, overall, not as cool as It should have been. 3 Stars Out of 5

Disney's Planes - Disney - Rated PG
Originally scheduled to go straight to DVD, Disney's Planes looks similar to Pixar's Cars, but this wasn't produced by Pixar. This was produced by Disneytoons Studio, which does their lower quality TV animation. This follows suit. It's bland, vanilla, and boring. Even at 92 minutes it seems like it goes on for an eternity. There is only one reason this film was made: as a marketing tool to sell loads of toys. But as a movie, 3 year olds might like it IF you buy them the toys. What's next? Trains? Boats? Wagons? Bikes? Pogo Sticks? Actually, they'll probably make all of those. Please make THOSE go straight to DVD. God help me if I have to sit through them. 2 Stars Out of 5