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Monsters, Cars, and more come to DVD


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Monsters, Cars, and more come to DVD

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

 A couple of solid Pixar films, and an HBO gem highlight this week's Home Entertainment Preview.  Bob Richards takes a look.

Monsters University - Disney/Pixar - Rated G
Sully and Mike are back in Monsters University - the film that tells how they grew up and got started as the world's best scare team. It's not the heartwarming film the first was, but it is solid entertainment, and a lot of fun!
Bonus features include commentary and a short. The blu-ray adds nine featurettes, deleted scenes and more.

Family Tree - HBO - Not Rated
From Christopher Guest, who brought us Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and Waiting For Guffman, comes the HBO series Family Tree. The eight episodes on two discs are very funny. Special Features include bonus scenes, music from the show and more. It's My Pick of the Week!

Cars - Disney/Pixar - Rated G
The terrific Cars is packed with laughs and a ton of heart. It is being released in the Ultimate Collector's Edition which includes the 3-D, blu-eay and DVD versions along with a ton of great bonus features including documentary featurettes, deleted scenes, a game, shorts and more.

R.I.P.D - Universal - Rated PG-13
Men in Black died and has been reincarnated as R.I.P.D. This time though, the cops are dead, and they are chasing the dead. Oh, and the plot is mostly dead, Ryan Reynolds is dead, Jeff Bridges is dead, The CGI effects look dead, and for the most part, R.I.P.D. is D.O.A. Extras include two alternative openings, nine featurettes, deleted scenes, a gag reel and more.