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Home Entertainment Preview - September 24, 2013


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Home Entertainment Preview - September 24, 2013

By Rachel Garceau. CREATED Sep 24, 2013

Bob Richards joined Good Morning Idaho for a look at what's new on DVD and Blu-Ray for the week of September 24, 2013.

(Iron Man 3 - Marvel/Paramount/Disney - Rated PG-13)
I loved Iron Man 3. It has terrific action, a fun, involving plot, amazing special effects, is a ton of fun and a great popcorn movie.  The casting of Robert Downey Jr. continues to be one of the great decisions in movie history.  He is quite simply perfection in every way.  Bonus features include
two featurettes, commentary, deleted scenes a gag reel and more.

(The Kings of Summer - Sony - Rated R)
The Kings of Summer is a wonderful, quirky coming of age film that is absolutely delightful.  Bonus features include three featurettes, commentary and deleted scenes.

(Dark Knight Trilogy - Warner Brothers - Rated PG-13)
The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition comes to Blu-Ray in a terrific boxed set.  While the extras in the set (a book, artwork and Hot Wheels model cars) are somewhat less than amazing, the discs are terrific.  Bonus content includes all of the previously released content plus a new bonus disc with two terrific featurettes and more.  It's My Pick of the Week!

(VHS 2 - Magnolia - Rated R)
VHS 2 is the sequel to the clever horror anthology film VHS.  This is just as good.  I got chills more than once.  Extras include commentary, seven featurettes and more.

(Hannibal Season One - Lionsgate - Not Rated)
Hannibal Lechter comes to TV in the dark and disturbing NBC series Hannibal.  The Season One set includes 13 episodes on three discs along with commentaries, four featurettes, a gag reel and more.

Catch more of this week's releases, movie previews and more at Bob Richards' website here.