Family-owned skating rink still on a roll -

Family-owned skating rink still on a roll


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Family-owned skating rink still on a roll

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Nov 14, 2013

The Good Morning Idaho crew went Out & About at the iconic Rollerdrome in Nampa.  If you're looking for more information on the rink -- like skate times, prices, events, etc. -- visit their website here

For people of a certain age, zooming around the roller rink was the thing to do as a young'un.  For kids these days, skating may not be quite as nostalgic, but trust us, it's still just as fun.   And the Rollerdrome in Nampa is the only place you can strap on quads or in-lines in the Valley.

The Rollerdrome is something of an icon in Nampa.  It was built back in 1948.  Josh Lenty's family took it over in the early 90s, and Lenty says he's seen entire families grow up inside the rink.  "It's new for everybody, something anybody can do,." says Lenty.  "Generations of families have been down here."

 If you're looking for classics like the hokey pokey, the limbo, and races, don't worry, they've got 'em, though according to Lenty, "It's tough to get the kids to do the chicken dance these days." The Rollerdrome keep things up-to-date by offering a plethora of classes for both kids and adults alike, from basic skating, to roller derby, to hockey. 

And when it comes to speed skating, the rink already has a national champ.  Meet 9-year-old Nike Campbell.  He's been skating since he was a toddler, and now competes in hockey, speed and quad speed.   He was on hand to teach the three of us a thing or two.  And seeing Nike cruise around the rink, it's no surprise he's brought home some hardware from national competitions.  He told us, "First year I got 4 golds and a bronze, and second year I got a gold and a bronze."

From kids Nike's age, to the hundreds of teenagers who show up to hang out on Friday nights, Lenty says to him, the Rollerdrome is all about being social.  Facebook, he says, without the phones.   And if you ever find yourself stuck out on the rink, just remember this parting wisdom from a pint-sized speed skater: "Keep your feet spreaded out apart and waddle like a duck."