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Election scammers are looking for your support

Election scammers are looking for your support

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Aug 13, 2012

 With fewer than 90-days to go until the presidential election, scam artists are pulling out the stops to steal your money  -- and Identity – in the name of the president.  The Better Business Bureau explains how thieves are using the election to get you.

Scam 1: Political survey free cruise offer
These public opinion surveys typically involve a recorded announcement offering a “free cruise” in exchange for participating in a telephone survey. However, at the end of the call consumers are asked for a debit or credit card number to cover “port fees” and taxes; they're not so free after all. Consumers who hesitate or ask for time to consider the offer are subject to high-pressure tactics, such as being told the offer is “only good right now.”

Scam 2: Fundraising calls for political donations.
Consumers have reported calls from organizations asking for donations. However, these calls may not really be related to either the Obama or Romney campaigns. Avoid giving out your personal information over the phone. If you would like to give to a political campaign or party, find the candidate’s website to get the right contact information.

Scam 3: Scammers claiming they need to check on your eligibility to vote.
Your voter registration record is with your state and no one will call or email you to verify your eligibility. These callers claim they need your credit card or Social Security number.

Avoid election campaign shakedowns:
• Legitimate polling companies will never offer prizes for participating in a telephone
survey, nor ask for a credit card number.
• If you’d like to give to a political campaign or charity, find contact information
yourself and don’t give financial information to an unsolicited caller.
• Requesting a callback number is no guarantee you will be connected with a
legitimate campaign fundraising committee.
Call or visit candidates’ websites to get contact information to give money.

Visit BBB's website for more on these election-fueled scams and more.