Treasure Valley firefighters receive hands-on extrication training -

Treasure Valley firefighters receive hands-on extrication training


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Treasure Valley firefighters receive hands-on extrication training

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Oct 20, 2013

Firefighters from Caldwell, Eagle, Boise and Meridian joined forces this weekend for hands on vehicle extrication training. Treasure Valley Metals donated 28 cars, vans and SUVs to the Eagle Fire Department for the course.

Several times a month Treasure Valley firefighters are faced with live-threatening car accidents where extrications are imperative.

“Many of the departments deal with this on a weekly, daily basis,” chief of training for Eagle Fire Department Bill Stone said. “An accident that requires some sort of extrication, major accidents… we're probably getting a couple a month."

For example, last month’s hail storm sent a massive tree toppling onto the front of a pickup truck. An eagle man was trapped inside, unable to open his car door.

This was one of many scenarios reenacted for the training course.

“We have reenacted different accidents that we've come across, and in doing so we're practicing some of the more difficult accidents that we've come upon in trying to get people out safely," Stone said.

After arriving at the scene, firefighters evaluate the car and come up with a plan. The training course put on by L. N. Curtis gives fire personnel invaluable hands on training.

"The benefits are incredible. The ability for us to bring in these instructors, they train 200 times a year or more doing  things like this; their knowledge, their experience, they're able to deliver that to us in a concentrated form and of course any time you practice something  you become much more proficient. And by them coming down and letting us practice, we're all better for it and it makes for a safer community."