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Too Young to be Sexy?


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Too Young to be Sexy?

By Nicole Pineda. CREATED Oct 26, 2013

It didn't always used to be this way.  There were adult costumes for adult parties and the kids dressed as Ninja Turtles and Cinderella. But as our culture continues to drive sexy home to a younger and younger demographic, Halloween costumes are revealing more and more skin.

"You see it walking around the street while you're trying to trick or treat with your kids, Boo at the Zoo and these family-friendly events that aren't really aimed toward lingerie; that you wouldn't otherwise wear lingerie to."

And lingerie is exactly what it is. One of the top manufacturers of female Halloween costumes, is also one of the largest distributors to adult stores. The owner of several Spirit Halloween stores says, racy costumes were initially geared toward college age girls, but have progressively appealed to a younger and younger crowd.

"In the years gone past we did have a line of Leg Avenue which is our top selling female costumes, do a tween version, but we have since discontinued that one, and we try to go a little less scandalous for the tween costumes."

Manager Lee Howard showed me where a few of those remaining tween costumes still hang. She says, even as marked down as they are, they still can't get rid of them.

"It's really up to the parents to make sure their teenage daughters are dressed appropriately. I always try to say, go scary, not sexy, because you have your whole adult life to be sexy. Scary's funner in my opinion."

Both Howard -- and moms like Emily Marcum agree -- little girls want to look like mommy. And the standard the parents set is important.

"Especially for our daughters. I think body image for little girls is a huge issue. I think the number one person they're learning from is mom, and I think, what are we telling our little girls?"

The folks at Spirit Halloween say risque costumes can be toned down with leggings, pants, or even a little petitcoat.