Boise company creates a new kind of fishing net -

Boise company creates a new kind of fishing net


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Boise company creates a new kind of fishing net

By Roland Beres. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

Fishing is a huge sport in Idaho and it's about to be revolutionized by a product made right here in the Gem state.

A startup company at the Boise State business incubator makes it easier than ever to weigh your catch.

And for bass fishermen especially, who have thousands of dollars on the line, it's a great idea, that's positively Idaho.

Pro bass fishermen are the speed demons of the sport.

But there's a reason why they spend tens of thousands on fast boats.

"Everything is quick." says Howard Davis, owner of Howards Tackle Shoppe, "The longer their hooks out of the water, the less fish they can catch."

When the top prize is worth 100 grand, time is of the essence.

That's why they can't wait for the invention coming from this spartan room.

"Their first response is why hasn't this been built yet."

What Chadd Van Komen has built is a fish net that allows you to weigh your fish immediately, without taking it out of the net.

"A small screen and button and you push to display the weight of the fish." says Komen.

"Everything else in fishing has advanced so much and still got an aluminum fishing net with a handle and that's it." he says, "So, why shouldn't we improve it."

He's created two heavy duty prototypes and is hoping to raise 25 grand through kickstarter by the end of august to start production.

A really solid net can set you back a hundred dollars or more and if you think that's a lot just stop and consider the professional bass fisherman.

"They can make a million dollars a year." says Davis.

For them, a better net, even at 180 dollars, is a no brainer.

And those who sell nets say it should have widespread appeal.

"The average fisherman, they all want to know what their fish weighs." says Davis.

And usually the faster the better.

Just to be sure, On Your Side checked on-line and there's nothing like this net out there.

The net is called the Lochsa and you can find out more on the Kickstarter campaign at .