Thousands Take the Plunge for Landon -

Thousands Take the Plunge for Landon


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Thousands Take the Plunge for Landon

By Christopher Oswalt. CREATED Apr 17, 2014

A five month old battling a rare form of brain cancer is getting a lot of attention thanks to social media. Thousands of people are taking the plunge for Landon Shaw.

Landon has stage four brain cancer that has spread rapidly through his body. News of his illness spread just as fast. Now, people from across the world are battling bitter cold waters to help raise money to pay for Landon’s medical expenses.

Before they jump into the water, participants record themselves challenging three other people to do the same, with monetary pledges for each person who completes the challenge.

On Your Side’s Chris Oswalt was challeneged to take the plunge by his brother in Iowa. You can see the video of the plunge in the story below. He challenges all the Idaho On Your Side viewers to take the plunge. If you do, post a video of yourself on our Facebook page.