Thieves steal over $100,000 in equipment from rail cars -

Thieves steal over $100,000 in equipment from rail cars

Photos of a battery and condenser unit similar to the ones stolen

Thieves steal over $100,000 in equipment from rail cars

By KIVI web staff. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

Ada County Sheriff’s Detectives and Union Pacific Police are searching for thieves who stole over $100,000 worth of railroad equipment from rail cars parked southeast of Boise sometime during fall.

Detectives estimate that the thefts occurred between September 1st and October 5th.

The thieves took 140 truck batteries, 112 condenser refrigeration units, and a large amount of copper piping from rail cars parked along the tracks.

The condensers, which look like car radiators, weigh about 90 pounds each. The batteries are similar to what are used in semitrailer trucks.

In addition, over 100 gallons of diesel fuel was siphoned from the cars.

The cars were located east of Boise between Pleasant Valley and Orchard Ranch road. The thieves damaged at least 113 of the 300 cars parked on the track lines.

Whoever stole the equipment had to use a large truck and likely made multiple trips out to where the rail cars were parked.

Anyone with information should call the Ada County Sheriff Office at 377-6790 and ask to speak to a property crimes detective.

A cash reward is available from Union Pacific for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Union Pacific can be reached at (916) 789-6019.

For questions regarding Union Pacific, reporters should call Director of Corporate Relations and Media Aaron Hunt at (916) 789-6019.