The Village hopes to be more than a mall -
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The Village hopes to be more than a mall

The Village hopes to be more than a mall

By J Bates. CREATED Oct 17, 2013

MERIDIAN, Idaho - The new shopping center going into the intersection of Fairview and Eagle in Meridian is so much more according to developers. At a sneak peek this week CenterCal President John Paul Wardy described it much differently, "As people come they'll think of it more as a resort than a shopping center."

In the planning and re-planning phases since 2007, "The Village" is touting new restaurants and shops that haven't been in the Treasure Valley before, surrounded by fountains, trees and much more than your average mall.

"We tried to build a project for the community with gathering places and a terrific show fountain. Pavilions where people can enjoy themselves and bring their family," said Wardy.

The new development has some concerned about traffic in an already busy area, but the developers think the improvements to the area that they paid for will make it easier to get around.

"We improved Eagle road and Fairview. We added Records road which is a new street. We completed improvements to the tune of about $20 million in improvements."