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The Stones Visit Boise


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The Stones Visit Boise

By Nicole Pineda. CREATED Nov 2, 2013

You can't always get what you want, but tonight Boise State big band students had the thrill of a lifetime when three members of the Rolling Stones came to downtown Boise to spend the evening jamming with them.

The Rolling Stones Project performed at the Egyptian Theater in Boise on Saturday. Tim Ries, Darryl Jones and Bernard Shaw, alongside the Boise State big band performers, played for an enthusiastic crowd.

It all started during a meet-and-greet in Boston a few months ago. Bernard Shaw was releasing a new CD and happened to meet Boise couple Bob and Stacy Calhoun, who talked him into coming to Boise. A little collaboration from Boise Stat, and you've got one evening packed with some pretty fantastic music.

"It's kind of a mixture of a big band and then a few songs with a small group, a lot the big band. So it will be lots of fun and they're sounding terrific and it's a pleasure to play with them, " Ries says.

Ries says he sent the music to Boise State about a month ago but said that he's been able to practice with the group a few times since he's been here and they were completely prepared.

All three of the members have performed with the Rolling Stones for for more than fifteen years. The Rolling Stones Project has played with other college big bands from time to time in between touring with the Stones.

The three of them were running on tight schedules this week but said they hope to be able to come back to Boise some time and try a little fishing.