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Teacher takes on ski jump


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Teacher takes on ski jump

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Feb 14, 2014

All teachers want their students to succeed, but teachers at iSucceed Virtual High School are stepping outside of the classroom to motivate students.

In an effort to increase attendance rates in online courses, teacher Tyson Chaplin agreed to strap on some skis and test out the ski jump at Bogus Basin.

“Sometimes we've got to get a little creative about how we encourage kids to log in and get their attendance up, and usually if we can get something that involved public humiliation or bodily harm to one of its teachers they seem to be a little bit more responsive to it," Chaplin joked.

The students met their goal of at least 95% attendance, so Chaplin kept his side of the deal.

"I skied in 7th grade on the bunny hill and I hit a sign that used to be there that said ‘no horseplay’ and I gave myself a concussion,” Chaplin said. “And that's the last time I really skied.”

In a blue fleece onesie, he nailed the jump with an unplanned back flip and a safe landing on the massive US Airbag.

"I didn't realize I was going to do a back flip; that was interesting. And when I landed I had no clue where I was,” Chaplin said.

And when asked if he would do it again? "No, I think I'm good, I’m good,” he said. “I might try skiing a few more times before I try it again.”

But Chaplin says it’s all worth it if it helps the students get motivated to log online and do their work.