Students Have Interactive Field Trip With Ballet -

Students Have Interactive Field Trip With Ballet


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Students Have Interactive Field Trip With Ballet

By Jake Melder. CREATED Oct 25, 2013

"Our dancers and our rehearsal director the people who put on the show really know how to connect honestly and very personally to the students," said Kristin Aune, the coordinator of the event for Trey McIntyre Project.

A lucky few students got to go on stage and try their hand at some ballet moves...thankfully another one didn't bite the dust.

But the show must go on and students learned about stage lighting and costume design. They were also introduced to the vision trey has for his shows and how ballet expresses emotion.

At the end, when the kids wanted to break free, the troupe led the entire ensemble in a dance set to we will rock you.

Event organizers were excited to share the love of their life.

"It was a really great way for kids to access the art,” said Aune. “A lot of them have never seen ballet before and they were with us from the start. They were a fantastic audience. They were very amped up."

It was all over in a flash, but in the end the kids felt like they were princes of the universe.

Tickets for the one-day performance on Oct. 26 are available here