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RosieMADE empowers woman-owned businesses


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RosieMADE empowers woman-owned businesses

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Aug 2, 2014

Alicia Vanderschuere has dedicated the last two years to creating an online gift shop and business network that’s all about locally made products and empowering women in the consumer market.

"All of our products that we sell online are made in the USA and come from what we call our ‘women friendly businesses,’” Vanderschuere said.

RosieMADE, honored as the Idaho Small Business of the Month, showcases companies 50 percent or more owned by women, selling products ranging from jewelry and clothing to handmade soaps and chocolates.

Vanderschuere says statistics show women are responsible for the majority of household spending, therefore they should be represented more in large corporations.

According to Vanderschuere, the idea behind RosieMADE is “to take consumer spending, since women have such power and actually put it back towards women in business."

She says statistics show when women-owned businesses succeed, they invest back into their communities more so than larger companies with male leadership.

"When we support women owned businesses, it creates a lot of additional good," she said.

Almost everything sold on is organic or made from sustainable materials.

Even though she's working at home, Vanderschuere spends 40 to 60 hours a week sorting inventory, shipping packages and networking, hoping to make a difference in the consumer marketplace.

"I feel like it's definitely worth while and if I can create some good out of it then I’m happy to do that," Vanderschuere said. “Of course growing a business is important and being profitable, but the goal is really to help other businesses in the process as we grow."

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