Roads remain rough days after snowfall -

Roads remain rough days after snowfall


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Roads remain rough days after snowfall

By Jake Melder. CREATED Dec 9, 2013

Cold weather has kept the snow from the weekend on the ground. Many roads have been cleared, but as we found in Nampa, there's still plenty of ice to go around.

Nampa received more snow than Boise or Meridian, but not by much. And while many major roads in Boise are relatively clear, in Nampa, it's a different story.

"I just go really slow because I don't want to have problems," said Nampa resident Katherine Wheeler.

You could say the roads in Nampa are a little messy. Days after a few inches of snow fell on the city many streets are still difficult to navigate.

The snow that was not immediately removed was compressed by passing cars. With partial melts during the day, that snow is then turned into ice when it freezes at night, creating a very slippery situation.

"I feel like they are hard to navigate on and it is harder to get Christmas shopping done at this time of year because you just can't get anywhere,” Wheeler complained. “It takes quite a while to get places."

Roads like Idaho Center Blvd. are so covered in packed snow, the stripes on the road can’t be seen. While these roads aren't clear, the city hasn't been sitting idle.

According to their records, crews have worked double shifts to clear the roads. They were so busy nobody had time to even speak with On Your Side.

Some residents are satisfied with the results.
"I see lots of sanded roads,” said Skip Taylor, another Nampa resident. “Everything seems to be fine from my perspective, anyway."

With cold temperatures sticking around for the next few days, don’t expect the snow on the roads to be going anywhere soon.