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Red Cross of Idaho needs more blood donations


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Red Cross of Idaho needs more blood donations

By Jake Melder. CREATED Jul 22, 2014

The Red Cross of Idaho is running low on blood donations.

Every 20 seconds, someone in Idaho needs blood, but things at the Red Cross donation center in Boise... are a little quiet.

In Idaho, the Red Cross strives to collect 1200 pints of blood each day. In the summer months, they aren't hitting that goal.

"We've seen an eight percent decline in donation over the last eleven weeks," said Jane Stutzman, a donor recruitment manager for the American Red Cross.

People are out on vacation or busy enjoying the outdoors. Some people fear donating blood, but then being unable to participate in summer recreations. The truth is a healthy person's fluids will normally be replaced in a day. Losing a day of excercise to donate makes a big difference.

"You are making an impact in patients' lives for them and for their family."

Donating blood really is easy. On Your Side’s Jake Melder came in during his work day. It takes forty-five minutes. There's a quick medical history, some swabbing, a quick needle poke, a little bit of waiting, and in minutes you're done. They even give you treats. Treats are the best.

Sean Falconer stopped by to donate a pint Tuesday. Overall, he's donated more than a gallon.

"We produce enough blood to share with everyone,” said Falconer. “I know there's a need for blood so I'm happy to come, spend 45 minutes or so and do it every couple of months."

The staff at the donation center make the experience fun and enjoyable.

"We do welcome our donors and try to make it as friendly and hospitable an environment as we can," said Stutzman.

Taking only an hour - and some slight discomfort - you can help make a difference.

"If you're willing an able and have the time, I would say at least give it a try,” said Falconer. “Even if it's just once."

You can donate blood once every eight weeks. For more information go to