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Preview of State of the State address


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Preview of State of the State address

By Jacob Melder. CREATED Jan 5, 2014

Analyst Jasper LiCalzi expects the main theme of the Governor's speech to cover the state's budget.

With economic recovery coming to Idaho, the state is seeing gains in its revenue. The debate will be centered around where that money is spent. LiCalzi believes the Gov. Otter will emphasize education, where cuts have been made since the Recession.

But it is unlikely many legislators will stick their necks out on divisive topics such as common core and pre-school education. Every representative and senator will be up for re-election, and the biggest challenge for incumbents will come from primary challenges, particularly in the Republican party, according to LiCalzi.

The speech will be covered live on Today's 6 On Your Side at 1 o'clock.