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UPDATE: Police search for missing Nampa woman and are asking for help

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UPDATE: Police search for missing Nampa woman and are asking for help

By Jake Melder. CREATED Aug 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 20, 2014

Police are searching for missing 36-year-old Nampa woman Selena Thomas.

Thomas hasn't been heard from for nearly five days. Her family says that's not normal. They've contacted Nampa police to help.

Nampa Police are now asking the public to contact the department if they remember seeing two vehicles between Friday, August 15th and Monday August 18th.  Both vehicles are in police custody, but were likely driven between the 15th-18th.  Scroll through the images after the video to see if you would have recognized the vehicles.

A person of interest is her boyfriend, Alfredo Martinez. Martinez came to the police department on August 19th and has been talking with investigators.

Neighbors say Martinez never seemed violent.

"He was always out doing yard work and just seemed like a good guy," said neighbor Gil Bare.

Aspects of the case have raised police suspicion. Martinez was seen at the home last Saturday without Thomas. Detectives found the home open and Thomas' car in the driveway with her purse and keys inside.

"Because of the suspicious circumstances in this, as well as the concern that the family has, that gives us cause for concern,” said Sgt. Joe Ramirez, with the Nampa Police Department. “So we are throwing all our resources out there to try to identify where she's at and make sure she's okay."

Martinez tells police the couple went to McCall in his car. He left her there Saturday, returning to Nampa. He says that's the last time he saw her.

That's just one lead police are working off.

"We have detectives working on different pieces trying to find her," said Ramirez.

For Thomas' neighbors, her disappearance is strange.

"She was always very nice,” said Bare. “We'd wave and she just seemed like a very, very good neighbor."

Martinez has previously been charged for domestic assault. By going to McCall he violated his parole, so police will arrest him for that charge.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Thomas, call Crimestoppers at 343-COPS.