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UPDATE: Bail set at $1 million for Meridian man who went on rampage

UPDATE: Bail set at $1 million for Meridian man who went on rampage

By Steve Bertel. CREATED Aug 22, 2013

MERIDIAN, ID---The Meridian Police Department is investigating a string of crimes that Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea could best describe as “a rampage” from a 23-year-old Meridian man who was arrested on a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges that stemmed from illegal drugs.

According to police, Sean Carnell’s alleged crime spree began at Tully Skatepark when he supposedly punched a 15-year-old boy in the face and stole his skateboard. Carnell ran off, and the boy went home and told his mother which prompted a 911 call. Basterrechea said the teen was treated for a black eye and a possible concussion.

Carnell left the skatepark and allegedly attacked a cyclist on a bike path that runs near the park. A woman walking along a path found the cyclist unconscious on the ground and called police. No witnesses saw Carnell attack the cyclist, and police are trying to connect the incidents.

After allegedly attacking the cyclist, Carnell walked to NW 8th Street and Delmar where he yelled at  a 10-year-old boy and kicked a dog in the ribs before walking away.

Police believe that Carnell then walked to NW 8th Street and attacked a construction worker with a shovel causing injuries on the face and back. The worker was left in a trench and “suffered from extensive facial injuries,” Basterrechea stated.

Carnell then forced his way into an apartment and tried strangling a woman, but was interrupted by the woman’s boyfriend and daughter. “The woman did not know the man, but [told us she] had seen him around the neighborhood,” Basterrechea said.

After being scared off from the apartment, Carnell approached a man in a wheelchair, and pushed the man down the street, eventually tipping him out of the chair. As the suspect was heading down West 8th Street, “he came upon a man in a wheelchair and basically told him, ‘You’re coming with me!’” said Basterrechea. “And, at some point, he dumped the (handicapped) man out of his wheelchair.”

The extent of the victim’s injuries was not immediately available.

Finally, construction workers called police and followed Carnell after observing him throwing rocks though the window of a random home on 8th street.

Officers arrested Carnell on W. Pine Street without incident, and are asking the public to contact police about any information revolving the crimes the Carnell committed. Please contact Detective Kevin Dixon at 888-6678.

Police believe Carnell is responsible for all the attacks.

Carnell was booked on two felony charges of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, second-degree kidnapping, robbery, battery and burglary, plus misdemeanor charges of battery, cruelty to animals, injury to property and petit theft.

After being treated for injuries he sustained, Carnell was booked into the Ada County jail about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Carnell's bail was set at $1 million during an arraignment Thursday afternoon, and will be appointed a public defender.