Not a job- a destination: Harsin and Boise State -

Not a job- a destination: Harsin and Boise State


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Not a job- a destination: Harsin and Boise State

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

When Bryan Harsin came home last December, he said Boise was not just a job, but a destination.

At 37 years-old, Harsin is the 4th-youngest head coach in the country and one of 13 coaching at his alma mater.

When Harsin was offensive coordinator, Boise State scored 2,733 points- the highest total in the county during that time. He has assembled a staff rich with Boise ties, led by coordinators Marcel Yates and Mike Sanford.

"Ultimately, they compliment you," said Harsin. "You need other guys to open your eyes back up and say that you may be missing something. You have to be okay with that.”

Yates, one of the master minds behind "DBU," which sent multiple Boise State defensive backs to the NFL, returned to Boise after a stint at Texas A&M.

“When you get to a point when you had a position group and your position group is doing well, your next step is to move up that next step and so for me that next step felt like I wanted to be a coordinator," he explained.

Yates has always had the recruiting touch, especially in California. Before he coached a snap, he had fans buzzing about the signing of four-star safety Dylan Sumner-Gardner.

Fans are anticipating a return to the old Boise State offense, led by Sanford. He recognizes the importance of the time he spent away from Boise State at Stanford.

"I think it was really important for some of us to go to the highest level, and the most cut throat level of recruiting," he said.

All three coaches debut in their new positions Thursday night.